Analysis Of The Book ' The End Of Food ' Essay

1224 Words Jun 25th, 2016 null Page
Widdicombe concludes his article “The End of Food” with a beautiful sentiment, “The Soylent dream is a strange one: a place where our food-related hopes mingle with our nightmares.” The article arouses a sense of cognitive dissonance within us and Widdicombe’s sentiment further perpetuates the uneasy feeling. I was amazed by what a simple yet complex invention Soylent was however at the same time had an uneasy feeling due to the nature of its existence meaning “the end of food”. Widdicombe is smart in his conclusion and explains while the invention can provide potential “hope” it can just as well provide a potential “nightmare”. Soylent carries “hope” to potentially greatly impact and advance the fields of nutrition and medicine as well as helping to alleviate and potentially solve world hunger all while being an economical and cost efficient option. On the other end of the Spectra, the “Nightmare” of Soylent lays in the unknown Long-term health effects as well as the idea that “food” as we know it will cease to exist. While Soylent is a revolutionary invention that can not only change our lives as individuals but the live of the entire world for the better, it can damage the world just as easily so it is important to evaluate and understand the “Hopes” and “Nightmares” of the relatively new invention. Rob Rhinehart created Soylent with the goal of providing a healthy and economically efficient way of consuming the nutrients that our body need and the invention is one…

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