Analysis Of The Book ' Tar Baby ' By Toni Morrison Essay

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Toni Morrison, the author of the novel titled Tar Baby, illustrates the issues and conflicts that African-Americans go through in society. One of the main characters from the novel named Jadine has no real sense of what it means to be a true authentic black woman. Jadine accepts and embraces the white culture without a question. Jadine feels equipped to deal successfully with the white world. Michael Kiwanuka’s music video titled “A Black Man In a White World” relates to the novel because the message exposes the hardships of being an African-American person in a prejudiced society.The character in the video is unlike Jadine because he understands the struggles of being a person of color in a white cultured society. This video’s title and lyrics speak about the differences between races and the world 's contribution of hammering people with labels. If we compare the video and the book, we can see how there are two different ways to deal with racism in our society. One way is Jadine’s way, which is to ignore and disregard that racism does not affect or apply to one even though she is a black woman herself. The other way is the way of the boy in the video, and Son’s way too.They do not let racism in society stop them from being who they are. Son embraces the categories of race and gender, as well as relishing the role of being a black man. Son sometimes acts like a chameleon because he is able to connect with a wide spectrum of people and understands where his stance is as an…

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