Analysis Of The Book ' Stoner ' By Katherine Driscoll Essay example

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In John Williams novel “Stoner”; Katherine Driscoll is a young instructor who first happens upon William Stoner when she audits his seminar class on Latin tradition and the Renaissance. Driscoll is a young woman in her late 20’s with black hair and a pale slight frame. Although being a student in one of his classes. Stoner does not immediately take notice of her until she speaks to him about her seminar report, and asks him if he will look over her dissertation when finished; which he agrees to. From the time that Katherine gives her report to the class, I believe that Stoner becomes enamoured with her. While listening to her report, Stoner is described as “listening with an excitement that he had not felt in a long time” (pg. 139). A sentence in which I feel also describes the relationship that is yet to form between the two of them. Their relationship, although very passionate is a brief affair, full of excitement. It renews a passion and determination in him that he had not felt since he had decided to switch from the Agricultural program into English. Katherine’s character is introduces at a pivotal time in the story, when Walker’s character is first introduced, and when Stoner is at one of the darkest moments in his life; when he is no longer able to teach what he loves. Katherine is the only thing that helps him get through this bleak period.

Once Stoner reads Driscoll’s dissertation it seems to awaken a side of Stoner never seen, he…

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