Analysis Of The Book ' Slaughterhouse Five ' Essay

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The most senseless words can have the greatest impact. Throughout Slaughterhouse Five the novel is portrayed as anti-war. I have re-read the ending to this book multiple times in hopes of figuring out the real meaning behind these bird’s chirps. As I began to dig deep thinking about motifs and themes that are common surrounding this book, I realized these chirps have a holistic connection.

The art of speech is unique. If you look deeply into it, it comes down to human beings just uttering sounds. A sound wave divulges from the mouth and there is a meaning behind it. The meaning can be simple or complex. Every word has a definition, but it’s all conceptual. This utterance of the sound “poo-too-weet” is subtle, but is the theme of the entire book. Although we might know the meaning, understanding the concept is completely different. For example, if I say, “chair” I might be referring to the solid chair one sits on, but a chair also has a grandiose meaning of power and authority. Speech is a powerful tool, and Vonnegut utilizes this miracle amazingly.

In the beginning of the book Billy Pilgrim or Kurt Vonnegut, however you want to interpret it makes it evident that this book is anti-war. The birds chirp at the beginning of the book and the book ends with the chirping. Evaluating the last passage of the book, Vonnegut does something interesting in my eyes. Interpreting the common themes throughout the book, we discussed in class how birds chirp after a…

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