Analysis Of The Book Searching For Whitopia And Me Literally Means White Utopia

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Unity in Diversity
The book Searching for Whitopia, to me literally means white-utopia. There are many contributors showing that Forsyth is a primarily a white county. Some of them being quotes and others being facts. Also, there is many problems with having segregated communities, if we were okay with this we would be a lost cause of a country. Benjamin never experiences racial bigotry during his time in Forsyth County. Yet the book gives us some obvious examples that Forsyth is primarily white, this bringing segregated communities.

To begin, the book Searching for Whitopia in Forsyth makes it very obvious that the ethnicity that lives there is white. I have chosen four examples to prove that it’s a white county. First, in chapter 7 the book says "The county is booming economically and very white." The next statement I have is when they are looking at properties in Forsyth, "This view provides a dramatic snapshot of Forsyth’s transitional phase, between its hardscrabble background and its new tableau of wealth, between its rural agriculture roots and its exurban manifest destiny." This quote talks about the background of Forsyth, how it hasn 't always just been whites but with the white folks wanting to move into a suburban area this is where they came also making it more expensive to live at. A statistic that the book had stated in chapter 7 is, "The Atlanta metro region is roughly 43.2 % nonwhite. Forsyth is 90% non-Hispanic white." This shows that 90% of the community…

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