Analysis Of The Book ' Perfume The Story Of A Murderer ' By Tim Winton

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In the texts ‘Perfume-the story of a murderer’ by Patrick Süskind and ‘the turning’ by Tim Winton, a diverse range of literary techniques are used to present similar ideas. Though the storylines differ both follow a single main character who is used to denote to the enormity and mysterious grandeur of life. So it is appropriate that the complex themes of human suffering, time and change and the transience of existence are used in both texts to encapsulate life. Winton presents these ideas in ‘The turning’ through vague language, contrasting and chapters. Conversely, Süskind uses descriptive language, foreshadowing and chapters to present similar ideas.
In the texts ‘Perfume’ and ‘The turning’, Winton and Süskind present human suffering through the use of diverse literary techniques. Human suffering in ‘Perfume’ is presented through death and the anguish of an outcast. Süskind retells death and neglect through descriptive language. In contrast human suffering in ‘The turning’ is presented through family issues. Vague language is used to retell issues that arise in families like mental illness, substance abuse and suicide. These dissimilar techniques allow the idea of human suffering to be understood in two very contradictory ways. Süskind’s use of descriptive language helps readers to better imagine the girl who ‘had been killed by a heavy blow to the back of the head’, by appealing to their senses. This technique allows readers emotional connection to be more profound.…

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