Analysis Of The Book ' Maus ' Essays

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Art Spiegelman’s Maus, is a two-part graphic novel about the journey of his father who is a Jewish Holocaust survivor. Throughout the novel, Artie’s father Vladek recounts the events of his life prior to and during the Holocaust. Art also displays his conversations with his father,displaying how the tragedy that he survived has changed his father in many ways most of them negative. Maus emphasizes the lifelong effects that a situation as drastic as the Holocaust has on the family dynamic, the importance of religion, and shows the benefits of visuals in a graphic novel. “Maus recounts the Spiegelman family dynamic in a brutally frank and honest manner.”(Berger 6) Anja and Vladek were Polish Jews from Sosnowiec and they fell in love with each other before the disaster took place. Anja’s family were millionaires(which is one of the few reasons Hitler used to attack the Jews). They gave Vladek money to start his own textile family in order for Anja and Vladek’s first son,Richieu, to be well off. After giving birth to Richieu,Anja had a breakdown. When Anja and Vladek visited Czechoslovakia, they saw the atrocities that the Germans had begun to put the Jews there through. Despite seeing how dire the situation was, their bond to each other was only strengthened more. At the start of WW2, Vladek was drafted into the army and him and Anja were separated. This was the beginning of his troubles. During the war,Vladek was captured and made a prisoner of war. Because he was Jewish…

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