Analysis Of The Book ' Maus ' Essay example

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Maus is a two volume graphic novel written by Art Spiegelman. This intriguing work, which is the winner of the 1992 Pulitzer Prize, take us through the story of Art interviewing his father, Vladek, of his experiences from the Holocaust. Throughout the first volume, we can get an idea that for some unknown reason, Art has a feeling of guilt over him. As the book goes on, we can see that even though Art was not involved with the Holocaust in any way, the whole ordeal seems to have an affect on his life. What kind of guilt is lingering over Art Spiegelman? As readers of Maus, it’s clear that there are at least three speculations for Art’s guilty conscience. We can see this thorough out the story with the though-provoking material provided to us by Vladek and events that take place during the feature. Guilt; it’s a feeling that nobody likes to sense. In volume one of Maus, there is a lot of conversation about Anja, Vladek’s first wife and Art’s mother. During Vladek’s interview, we can see how in love he is with Anja. Anja comes from a well off family who helps Vladek start his own business, which is later taken from him. In the story, Anja and Vladek stay together for the majority of their time during the war; the running, hiding, even the illegal trading of goods wouldn’t keep them apart. Eventually they are separated when they arrive to the concentration camps but are fortunately reunited later. Things take a drastic turn after the war is over; Approximately half way…

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