Analysis Of The Book ' Lieutenant Nun ' Essay

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In the book titled Lieutenant Nun by Catalina de Erauso, foreword by Marjorie Garber, she has compiled her memoir of her life after she ran away, dressed as a man, and bounded around from job to job, town to town, as she saw fit for the next twenty-six years. Her adventures across Spain and to the new world filled her life with many experiences. From working for her uncle, to becoming a keeper of records and sales, working with and even killing her own brother, as well as multiple arrests, street fights, and gambling games she participated in. While Catalina’s recount of her life is straightforward and to the point of her various encounters over a twenty-six-year period, the introduction by Michele Stepto is a little less so. While there are several things that she mentions in her introduction in reference to Catalina’s memoir that are expounded upon, there is one in particular that is atrociously ignored.
For instance, Michele mentions Catalina’s lenience and suggested sexual preference of women to men. She points this out by mentioning that, “…Catalina is fairly mum when it comes to her sexual preferences. Only once is she explicit about her ‘taste… for pretty faces.’” This, however, is not true in the least. There is more than one explicit occasion where Catalina had shown her tendency towards women. Such instance occurred when Catalina traveled to Lima and found work with Diego de Solarte, who then put Catalina in charge of his shops with a yearly salary after a few…

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