Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Josiah Henson '

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Josiah Henson promised his master to take the group of 21 slaves from Maryland to Kentucky in order to save his master from being ruined. We could tell what he promised by reading it on paragraph two as they clearly tell us what he promised. He made the promise because he was afraid that if he doesn’t do it then the sheriff will come. He was afraid of the sheriff coming to take everyone who belonged to his master and separate all of them. He didn’t want that to happen because all of them had built a relationship and they were like a family. On paragraph four as he said “I was afraid the sheriff would take every one who belonged to him and we would all be separated.” This gives me the idea that he feared the thought of them being separated that’s why he promised his master that he’ll do it. There was a lot of pressure on Henson as he tells us on paragraph seven when he said “There was one great temptation I had to resist. In Cincinnati, Ohio the colored people gathered around us, and urged us to remain with them. They used all arguments to get us to leave our master.” As I read this it clearly said that there was a lot of peer pressure that was forcing him to break his promise and it was a great temptation for him as he told us. That was a lot of pressure because as we know when there are a lot of people telling someone to do something. The most likely outcome is that the person might do it in the end and it is a strenuous task to fight against it in order to not succumb to…

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