Analysis Of The Book ' Home For Stay, One American Family 's Chronicle Of Miracles And Struggles

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As I write this essay in frantic desperation, I think of all the pressure and stress I have dealt this past semester. This includes everything from the process of moving into a new apartment during finals week, to the ups and downs of relationships throughout the past few months. None of that, however, really compares to some of the events that were experienced in the book “Home to Stay, One American Family’s Chronicle of Miracles and Struggles in Contemporary Israel”. The book is based on emails the author wrote to his family back in the United States. This book commences with an American family in Los Angeles, whose roots lie deep in Jewish culture and religion. Daniel Gordis is a Jewish professor who is invited to study in Israel for a year and bring his family with him. This was in 1998 when things were relatively calm and peaceful, and it was an excellent opportunity to experience the Jewish religion celebrated in the land of its birth. After a few months, and with pressure from his wife, they decide to stay permanently in Israel and become a generation of hope for the country. Things turn sour, however, as the Palestinians who have always hated the Israelites in a succession of many terrorist bombings plunge Israel into a state of uncertainty. There is much pressure on the family as fear rises in the city of Jerusalem where they live and friends leave the country. Pressure mounts as governments change dramatically, and the death toll rising. Through it all, the…

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