Analysis Of The Book ' Godshalk Talks About Booker T. Washington. B. Du Bois

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This books is about the Atlanta race in 1906, which was a war between blacks and whites. This riot has many causes, but what seems to have been one of the top factors was the migration of blacks and whites alike to Atlanta. With the demotion of the working class of the white population, led to an increased blend of the races. In 1906, through the summer, Black and white misconduct began to increase. And even more so, after the accusations of white women who have claimed they were raped by black men came across to most white people as nothing less than fact. The news papers intentionally put the rape into their papers to evoke the feelings of the readers, both black and white, trying to get their readers to act. The news paper wanted to get the people of the city involved in their community.
Also in the book Godshalk talks about Booker T. Washington and W.E.B Du Bois, some notorious African American leaders in that generation, who wanted to bring justice for blacks and whites. Godshalk also reminds us of Booker T. Washington’s famous Exposition Address which had a few things to say about how the black population’s civil rights were being deprived of “if African Americans focused on hard work, maintained their sobriety, and followed a proper moral code of conduct, white prejudices would gradually dissipate and blacks would gain their proper place in southern society as social equals.” Which I can see where Du Bouis is coming from in his argument against Washington’s address.…

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