Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' First They Killed My Father '

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First They Killed My Father, a tile which fits both the tone of the book and the storyline. It is a foreshadowing for the cruel events of murder in the book; and though Keav was the first of the family to pass away, Loung’s father was the first to be killed. As Professor Inness-Brown says: the title already tells the audience that her father is killed, but the word “first” shows us that there are more cruel events to will follow.
Also mentioned by Professor Inness-Brown: these events are parallel to what we have seen in our world today, with ISIS. However, gruesome scenes of brutality and oppression is bombarded to us not only from news sources, but also from everyday entertainment (movies, TV shows). It is almost like people, even myself on occasions, have become desensitized to these images. Even though with the strong title I more or less expected how gruesome some of the details in the book would be, I did not expect to read more than what I hear or read in the news about attacks from ISIS around the world, or oppression of people in other countries. Reading it however, I realized that it was much more than just a report of the events of a take over, evacuations, and killings.
One way that Loung Ung really was able to make her tale unique was the start to her book. The scene starts on the busy streets of Phnom Penh, a scene not different from that of American towns and cities, even to this day. Kids laughing, playing, wearing colorful shirts, being careless of the…

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