Analysis Of The Book ' Fight Club ' Essay

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Fight Club is told through the first person point of view by the protagonist, an unnamed narrator. The narrator is telling the story as if it were happening in the present, but all of it is the past. Viewing the novel from this point of view is important because the reader can see the internal and external struggles of the narrator, as well as his thoughts and feelings resulting from these struggles through great detail. The narrator also gives his view of the foreshadowed events, like the ending of the novel foreshadowed in chapter one. Palahniuk uses foreshadows throughout Fight Club to tell the reader what is going to happening without plainly telling them., this technique is successful in drawing the reader closer to the book.

The narrator is a quiet young man who struggles with insomnia. There are not many physical descriptions of the narrator used in the story due to the author possibly wanting the narrator to be more mysterious. He attends support groups to make himself feel better about his insomnia and works as a product recall specialist for a car company, which requires him to travel often. He is the co-founder of Fight Club.

Tyler Durden is the narrator’s best friend. He is mischievous and a thief, even at his jobs. He is a vicious leader and has a devious personality. He is soap maker and also the co-founder of Fight Club. The fat that Tyler uses in the soap he makes is not just used a good ingredient in soap, but also a symbol for the rich having…

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