Analysis Of The Book ' Essential American Documents And Speeches '

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People grow from their experiences. A country does the same thing, just on a much bigger scale. America was once just thirteen colonies, now it is fifty states. That is amazing. America grew from twenty four million people to three hundred twenty one million. That’s a difference of two hundred ninety seven million, in just two hundred and forty years. That is incredible. How did we manage to do that? With the strong passion of the people. We looked at our past mistakes, and learned from them. We used our hearts and grew in so many ways. In the book, “Essential American Documents and Speeches”, we hear of these very important changes that happened to help our country grow.
One major event that helped with the growth of America happened over a long period of time. It was the rights of women. This was a very slow event, for all women, black or white to get rights equal to men. So many women worked hard for this change to happen, so that the women now can live like they do. One of these women was Sojourner Truth. She was a slave and escaped in 1826. She later gave a speech known forever as “Ain’t I a Woman?” In this speech she talks of how as a black woman she is not treated with the same respect as white women. She explains that she is a woman too and deserves the same respect. She also talked about how, as a woman, she would do the same and sometimes more work than most men. She actually says “I have as much muscle as any man.” This makes me laugh. She talked of how very…

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