Analysis Of The Book ' Black Robe ' Essay

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“Black Robe” is the story of Father Jean Laforge, a French Jesuit missionary priest from Europe and his journey across the wilderness of Canada to bring God’s word to those he considered to be “savages”. (11) The author of the book is Brian Moore. He immigrated to Canada in his twenties, which is probably why the book was written in this setting. Laforge is given little assistant from the France government to take this journey so he is basically alone except for a Frenchman, Daniel, who is drawn to the likelihoods of the priesthood and the religious life, and his Algonquin guides led by Chomina and his daughter. The mission takes place deep into the Canadian heartland and Huron territories. The expedition proves to be a huge challenge of physical endurance that exposes Laforge to the material and spiritual actualities of the excursion he has undertaken and tests his resolve to see it through.
During the middle of the novel, Laforge’s faith is greatly tested, not only by traditional and spiritual differences, but by the awareness that his guardians are getting hurt at the hands of the Iroquois due to him being with them. Laforge faces the biggest test of all at the end of the novel, when those he has come to assist as a final point turn to him and ask to be christened, but, poignantly, for all the immoral motives. At last, Laforge can christen the people, but there is a problem. Should he do so, when he knows the motives for the request are ill-considered and the…

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