Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 '

2089 Words Mar 13th, 2016 null Page
The book 1984 opens the eyes of many people to how our lives could change due to the corruption of the government. How everyone lived their lives could very much happen to us if we go on the path that Winston and his fellow people did. One thing that was happening in the book and happening all around us currently was the language and how it was being manipulated due to the overpowering Party members. Having the language change like it was happening to Winston and have it happen to us could drastically bring everything we know to a screeching halt. Something as important as language and having it become smaller and less descriptive could stop us from thinking abstractly and it potentially could become a weapon made by the government to keep many from thinking for themselves. Newspeak was something that Winston was becoming concerned about because the outcome was unclear until it became too late to change. This new language was not only damaging many people but it was something that started a whole lot of other unwanted problems. Orwell was showing how if something like this happened to us, what could possible be the outcome of all american citizens.When thinking of a parallel between 1984 and modern america, one thing that stands out is the effect of language change and how it changes how one perceives the world. In 1984 Newspeak was designed to control the population 's mind and contained tactics to improve that control while today’s political correctness and similar…

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