Essay Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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The story of 1984 written by George Orwell reflects a society that completely contrasts with America today. 1984 shows an important guide to life for modern Americans. Just as how learning history is important to ensure that mistakes are not repeated, 1984 can give caution to government systems as well as persons regarding how societies should not be oppressed and controlled. 1984’s government, also known as “Big Brother” restrains the people of freedom to express themselves and have individuality. Loyalty to the government is enforced by Big Brother in order to keep people from defying them. The overall goal is to eliminate any kind of individuality through fear. Orwell interprets a faultless totalitarian society in his novel written in 1949 to show just how dangerous a futuristic government could be.
Power is represented throughout the book by the totalitarian rule of Big Brother. In order to keep the people of Oceania in conformity with the requirements of the governing Inner Party, the Inner Party controls the lives of every person by watching them and choosing what information is leaked to the public. Newspeak is a modified version of language that is enforced upon the people in order to limit their expression. Since people have a lack of vocabulary, it limits self-expression and furthermore their ability to go against the government. Another reason Newspeak is forced on the people is to make old books unreadable and only books written during the era of the Party…

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