Analysis Of The Book ' 10th Grade Summer Reading Assignments '

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Sodanie Oum
10th Grade Summer Reading Assignments

Book 2: Krik Krak Prompt 1a: The political climate Danticat grew up in was corrupted, disorganized, and had complicated politics, generally negative. The economy thrived on crime and where many people were in poverty due the corrupt government and some of the citizens with "immoral" intentions might have never even gotten punished for their crimes such as the rapists in Danticats ' stories, where the rapists were macoutes; people of a militia and we assume it was a regular thing for their own militia to terrorize their own people. Haiti had a tortured past which greatly influenced Danticats ' political climate. It was a harsh period in time and it severely shaped Danticats ' life, obviously because the politics were the reason why she left Haiti in the first place. But while she was there the harsh environment she was in taught her to value family with the time she spent in her aunt 's care and the power of hope that sometimes blinds people from reality. Her time in Haiti, was probably also the inspiration for her short stories because of the vast amount of superstition and storytelling that happened in Haiti, and Danticat probably based some of her stories off of the stories she heard in Haiti and imitated/ based the way her stories were written by the way the stories were told to her.
Prompt 1B: I was born and raised in Philadelphia/the United States and my political government mainly consist of republicans where…

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