Analysis Of The Article ' Weakness Of The Article Essay

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Weakness of the article
After analyzing the article, some weaknesses were identified and highlighted, which could have been elaborated and emphasized on. Critiques will be pointed out as well.
• In Dowd’s study, he suggests that integration is a key component to the achieving religious diversity in a religious diverse society. How many religiously diversified countries have been integrated? What are the standards for integration? In terms of standard measures, integration, a key component of religious diversity, is not clearly addressed by the author. Also, in present Nigeria, does Nigeria meet with the standards for integration of religious diversity?
• Although the author’s arguments are valid, especially as religious leaders play a key role in the society, including their objectives and goals; on a personal note, I will argue that the argumentative opinions of the author are subjective. This questions the reliability of this research?
• Likewise, the author doesn’t present clarity between diversity and segregation. How can we differentiate between these two terms? If an understanding could be established, it would aid in promoting religious diversity in Nigeria and other areas that could serve as case studies.
• Moreover, the author’s background poses as a limitation to his study. The author’s knowledge on African Studies does not crown his interactive experience with religious diversity in Nigeria. As a non-citizen of Nigeria, his account does not provide an in-depth…

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