Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' Tragedy Of The Commons '

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Garrett Hardin in his essay “Tragedy of the Commons” discusses the elimination of natural resources through the actions people take without consideration to the environment. Most people want the resources only to themselves, not allowing others to establish a stable form of living neglecting nature’s natural intent for interdependence. Earth’s natural resources are often taken for granted but their limitations are commonly overlooked by those who only seek to benefit themselves.
We as a society are mainly only focused on the end product of what we have in front of us that we do not consider the steps needed to get to the finished product, disregarding the small necessities for the resources we take advantage of. Geomorphologist, David Montgomery, in his essay “Good Old Dirt” discusses issues regarding the most underappreciated natural resource needed for agricultural sustainability, soil, saying that people are not aware of it’s importance as a building block for other resources. “Everything comes from it, and everything returns to it,” (Montgomery, 310) Montgomery provides examples of the harmful actions we are doing to the soil by by a process called soil exhaustion in which we dispose of the old soil on top for the new soil underneath for the betterment of the crops. By doing this he claims that we are consuming soil faster than it forms, eventually causing fewer crops to form and creating the additional dilemma of finding more sources of soil. In trying to improve one…

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