Analysis Of The Article ' The ' By Horrace Miner ' Essay

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Based on the article, Nacirema, by Horrace Miner, I think that the Nacirema are very gullible and rely on the assistance of “higher powers” to feel better about themselves. The article describes them as people that are masochistic and sadistic because they go through painful rituals that may put them at risk, just because its is a part of their cultural beliefs. They are very afraid to do anything that is outside of the rituals. For example, the article stated that all Nacirema have to interact with their shrine every day, so that they feel protected. They also have very negative ideas of their bodies. The Nacirema believe the body is ugly and prone to disease. In result of this, they rely on the medicine men and the holy-mouth-men to help them heal. However, their medical system is only putting them in danger because when they go to the “latipso,” they endure extreme uncomfort and at times torture. Miner states that even if they are experiencing all of these horrible procedures, they will not leave the latipso, believing that they will get better. Also, Miner points out that they have to bear multiple gifts to the medicine men in order to receive the healing rituals and powers. It was difficult to imagine living in a “Nacirema” world because they sound like people who are very secretive, engage in horrible procedures that may not be necessary, and also put the welfare of its people in danger, including the children. It would be difficult for me to accept the culture, but…

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