Analysis Of The Article ' Street Talk ' Essay

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Street Talk Published on September 26, 2016 by Aeon Media Group, Michael Erard explains the importance of “bidialectal” people and their relation to bilingual people in his article “Street Talk.” Those who can speak more than one language are at a higher advantage than those who don’t. But Erard stresses that those who can speak multiple dialects from different cultures are on the same level as bilinguals. This “bidialectal” idea is as simple as one American speaking formal English as well as “ebonics,” the African-American Vernacular English. There are minor differences between the two dialects in pronunciation, word choice, and the style in which you form sentences. To differ from these two and use both in a given conversation increases communication skills and ultimately increases executive functions—cognitive processes. Erard argues that bidialectal and bilingual people are the same, using the logos appeal. He uses evidence from research and studies to do with different dialects and different cultures and languages. “Some neuroscientists, such as Franco Fabbro at the University of Udine in Italy, have even explicitly included bidialectalism as a form of bilingualism,” (Erard) this proves the close relationship of dialect and language. Including dialect as a form of language shows that dialect is not only about how things are said, but how they sound and form different meanings. To back up his evidence, Erard shows that bilinguals are better cognitive thinkers. His…

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