Essay about Analysis Of The Article ' On The Uses Of Liberal Education '

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Alan Brown
Dr. Rasnic
English 1301
November 8, 2016
In Earl Shorris’ essay, On the Uses of Liberal Education, Shorris asks the question of what makes a person poor or not and what actions can be taken to reverse this. At first glance, we see that Shorris discusses the lack of education in poor areas. He originally began writing a book about the poverty in the U.S but after his experience behind the walls of a disciplinary institution, his view on poverty expanded. During his experience, he met with Viniece Walker, a guidance counselor, and requested her outlook on poverty. She suggested that poverty was a result of a lack of moral life downtown. To Shorris this meant that poverty was not just a financial issue; it is the lack of knowledge in humanities and political life. On further inspection, we see that Shorris conducts an experiment in which he is teaching liberal education to a group of economically challenged students. After several months of teaching, only sixteen out of thirty completed the course. Shorris concluded that with a little hard work it is possible for anyone including the poor to become educated with the humanities needed to succeed.
Shorris’ idea that liberal education and humanities can be used to help the poor become successful is accurate because it allows the poor to walk in the shoes of those who are successful motivating them to reach their goals and it allows them to be exposed to the different ideas, opinions, and opportunities outside the…

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