Analysis Of The Article ' On Liberty, By John Stuart Mill Essay

1908 Words Nov 16th, 2016 8 Pages
Canada is widely known and thought of as being a democratic county where freedom of speech is naturally given to everyone. However, during situations of opposing views and national conflicts, a very common question rises – are Canadian citizens actually free to speak without limitations?

In On Liberty, John Stuart Mill explores the limitations and regulations on freedom of speech and formulates a theory that the intervention of government would result in degeneration of freedom of speech for citizens. However, in the situation in the episode of ‘The Agenda’, his theory gets challenged due to its ineffectiveness. The episode tackles a continuing political issue of freedom of speech and the limitations following it. The matter begins with a particular controversial article written by Mark Styen indirectly promoting Islamophobia through subtle offensive remarks. After noticing a trend of 22 continuous articles in the same magazine with similar context, three law students took action demanding for a counterview article to be posted as well. However, they remained unsuccessful as government chose to remain silent regarding forcing the publishers to post knowledge-enriching material. Therefore, contrary to Mill’s model, it is imperative the government selectively interfere with the regulation of discussions related to controversial issues. This is important because in order to ensure all opinions and voices are heard, a neutral party monitoring both sides of the argument is…

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