Analysis Of The Article ' Middle Of The Road Activists ' Essay

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The article, ”Middle-Of-The-Road Activists Carrie Chapman Catt and the National Committee on the Cause and Cure of War” , written by Linda Schott seeks to address the attempts of Carrie Chapman Catt and her role in women’s suffrage and the peace movement. The analysis of the life of Chapman Catt was very interesting in showing the strong and the low points of her crusade for women’s suffrage and her attempts at the peace movement. It is clear by the article that the author neither was for or did she completely agree with Catt’s efforts and attempts with the peace movement. The author starts the article by saying that Carrie Chapman Catt is and was on of the best known leaders of the successful campaign for women’s suffrage, but also devoted much time to the peace movement, however focuses much of the paper on Catt’s backing of World War 1 and her lack of involvement with any others that European American middle class women and men.(Schott 1) I honestly could not agree more. I was always aware that Carrie Chapman Catt was one of the leaders of the women’s suffrage movement and was a advocate for the peace movement but I was unaware of some of the different stands that she took along the way. The article was written to show mostly how Carrie Chapman Catt was the president of the National Committee on the Cause and Cue of War (NCCCW), and how she led in the fight for women’s rights, but how not all women was part of the cause. The committee was composed of many women…

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