Analysis Of The Article ' Just Walk On Bye ' By Bill O ' Reilly News Segment

759 Words Aug 1st, 2016 4 Pages
When one opens up a newspaper, magazine or their favorite news channel they might not realize that each source has an agenda. I can probably make an educated guess on your political ideologies based on what sources you read on a consistent basis. Fox News, in particular has been accused by numerous of academic and political figures of having various biases in their news coverage as well as perpetuating more extensive views of a conservative bias. In Bill O’Reilly news segment, “Black Lives is Killing Americans,” he scrutinizes the Black Lives Matters movement and argues that protesting against police brutality and violence perpetrated by the police makes them responsible for all of the gun violence and deaths in America. He uses harsh language and a variety of literary devices to convey this message to his audience and this ties into adding onto the stereotypes that Brent Staples faced in his article, “Just walk on bye.” Throughout the segment O’Reilly has a consistent condescending tone when he criticizes the Black Lives Matters movement. In the beginning of the speech he states, “First, the stats, and they are stunning.” (O’Reilly, Black Lives is Killing Americans) He stresses the word, “stunning” which is very contradicting since this word is used in context for something extremely remarkable or impressive. Also his voice elevates at specific times to emphasize the severity of black crimes committed, especially when he brings up statistics. For instance he states, “In…

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