Analysis Of The Article ' Changing The Face Of Poverty : Nonprofit And The Problem Of Representation By Diana George

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“Changing the face of Poverty: Nonprofit and the Problem of Representation,” by Diana George, is about the misrepresentation of poverty shown through the mainstream media and films. The stereotypical images shown in these collages are not so black and white in reality. The malnourished and emaciated children and families along with a broken shelter are not the only type of poverty that exists in today’s world. The author in her article explains in depth about the flaws of the representation of poverty and her definition and arguments with credible sources as proof, as well as the a critique to her article.
In the article,“Changing the face of Poverty: Nonprofits and the Problem of Representation” by Diana George discusses the manner of representation on poverty and why it is an issue.The author uses publicity videos produced by a popular organization, “Habitat for Humanity.” It is unconditionally engaged in helping the poor and destitute build and find shelter so that they can eliminate “poverty housing around the globe” (page 4, line 4). However, this organization requires help from volunteers and neighbors to make their project successful. According to this article, the reason why existence of poverty is not accepted by most American is due to the fact they uphold a stereotypical image about what poverty looks like. If the images shown do not portray a shabby shelter along with emaciated children and family, then the guidelines for poverty have not been met, and it is…

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