Analysis Of The Article ' Changing The Face Of Poverty ' By Diana George

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Poverty in America is a real issue, and the way we portray it is all wrong. The essay "Changing the Face of Poverty" written by Diana George talks about the problems of how nonprofits misrepresent the face of poverty in America. Most organizations put out flyers and adds that make the needy look like there from the depression era with rags and dirt smudges covering their faces. This is not a true representation of what poverty looks like in America. Most people think that the poor are easy to point out because of what they have seen in advertisements. The poor in America may own nice things, and dress in well-maintained clothing. This makes it difficult for us to identify the truly poor who need our help.
In Diana George 's essay "Changing the Face of Poverty” she uses Habitat for Humanity 's publicity videos as an example to demonstrate her frustration with the perception of poverty in America today. Their videos show black and white dismal images of shacks, thin and ragged looking children, men and women in despair. These images misrepresent the poverty we are dealing with in the United States. They portray poverty as it was during the depression era or in a third world country. George uses Habitat for Humanity 's voice over narrative as an example: "Poverty condemns millions of people throughout the world to live in deplorable and inhuman conditions. These people are trapped in a cycle of poverty, living in places offering little protection from the rain, wind, and…

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