Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' Black Lives Matter '

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Wikipedia: "Black Lives Matter"

In the article "Black Lives Matter" that appears in the Wikipedia we will identify if the article uses neutral point of view, if it gives us fact about the article, whether the article is creditable or not, and how it uses hyperlinks.

“Black Lives Matter” which appears in the Wikipedia exercises the neutral point of view in this article. BLM not only explains the negative side of the activist movement, but it also explains the positive aspects as well. For example, the article starts by explaining that this movement protests around the death of African American people, in the killings by law enforcement and racial profiling. Which at first gives the reader a negative appearance. As you continue to read the article, it explains the basic beliefs of the movement. For instance, Alicia Garza a founder of BLM sums up the movement by identifying that it is not only about the killings of black people by police, but is to talk about the way in which African American people are deprived of our basic rights and dignity (BLM). Further reading the article uses the presidential election in getting support from the candidates. With the democratic they find the “movement very legitimate and serious point” says Martin O’Malley. On the other hand, the Republicans found “the movement to be silly” states, Ben Carson. The Republicans viewed the movement as being calls for the murders ofde police officers. So from some of the examples you can see that…

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