Analysis Of Sylvia Plath 's ' Daddy ' Essay

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Sylvia Plath Known to be one of the best and tortured poets of her time, Sylvia Plath entranced many readers with her melancholic writing. Her life, difficult and hard from early on was reflected in her poetry. She saw poetry as an escape, but it quickly consumed her life. After she met and fell in love with fellow poet, Ted Hughes, she let his career fall before hers. Her poems often reflect the troubles in their marriage and highlighted the toxic relationship that she was so deeply committed to. She used poetry as a therapy and wrote about her troubled relationship with her father, her crippling depression and the marriage she believed to be a fairytale that ended up being a path to mutual destruction. Plath’s life was difficult from a very early age, at the age of eight she had to deal with the death of her father, college professor who was very harsh to her. As a result of his death she penned the poem “Daddy” which chronicled the tumultuous relationship she had with her father. His death was her first introduction to the concept of death and caused her became obsessed with the idea of it. She considered her father’s death to be suicide due to the fact that he could have prevented it, as he died of diabetes complications that he chose to ignore. Her obsession with death shone through in her poetry, once comparing dying to an art. Despite the harsh criticism of her father and her dark childhood, she grew up to be a top student and even studied at Cambridge with a full…

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