Analysis Of Studs Terkel 's The Good War Essay

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INTRO- Often the darkest times in history provide an aura of excitement not soon forgotten. Studs Terkel’s The “Good War” shocks its audience with the grotesque reality of World War II battles as well as the exhilaration of being in the midst of SOME TYPE OF WORD FOR WAR. Oppositely Michael T. Bertrand’s Race, Rock, and Elvis looks into the arguments of Rock’n’Rolls impact on changing postwar race relations in the United States. KICKASS THESIS. One of the more subtle comparisons between Terkel’s and Bertrand’s books is who actually perpetrated the racism in both situations. One of the reoccuring themes of Terkel’s book was the fact that minorities were discriminated againt, but individuals realized they were human too. On more than one occasion in The “Good War” Terkel demonstrates how soldiers realized the tragic effect of their actions and fighting. Victory Trolley says in his interview “…it dawned on me that they suffered the same way we did. They lost sons and daughters and relatives, and they hurt too” (Terkel 543) World War II brought about societal change in many areas of life. Soldiers returned home, some women returned to traditional gender roles while some fought to keep their spot in the workplace.. There was a feeling of a clean late, new opportunity and optimism. The 1950’s were about improving one’s individual life, striving for perfection in the home, and keeping up with the Jones’. The South as a whole experienced cultural change especially regarding…

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