Essay about Analysis Of Steven Cahn 's Book, Exploring Ethics

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In Steven Cahn’s book, Exploring Ethics, we learn about many philosophers and their approach on ethics. Ethics is considered to be the moral principles that govern a person 's or group 's behavior. (Wikipedia) Cahn takes us in to the approaches by Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mills, Aristotle and Virginia Held. Each philosopher had a very different view on morals and how we should approach them but we also find similarities throughout their views.
Immanuel Kant believes that good will is defined by duty. He believes that “A good will is not good because of what it effects or accomplishes, nor because of its fitness to attain some proposed end, it is good only through its willing.” (Kant) Kant believes that we should act in such a way that we treat others as an end and never as a means. He says that us as people are rational human beings. He says that we should do what is rational by listening to the best rational part of us. Kant tells us about categorical imperatives, this is a tool that is given to us to figure out the most rational way of doing something. It states that we should think about our decisions before actually deciding out action. Kant states that our actions should follow the moral law. Kant encourages us to use a tool when deciphering on rational decisions and outcomes.
Aristotle believes that we should act with knowledge. He begins by telling us that “The man who does not enjoy performing noble actions is not a good man at all.”(Hoffman) He explains that we…

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