Essay on Analysis Of Stanley Milgram 's Lord Of The Flies

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Stanley Milgram was a psychologist professor and in June 1961 he wanted to test people’s obedience to authority. John Darley and Bibb Latane were psychologists who wanted to know why people ignore others cries for help. Both these experiments tie into “Lord of the Flies” by William Goulding in my opinion. And both of the experiments are alike and different in many ways. Milgram wanted to test how well we react to leaders, even if they tell us to do bad things that will hurt others. And Darley and Latane wanted to test the reasoning on why if one person ignores an emergency why did everyone else seem to ignore it as well. It is in human nature for us to want to have a leader, for example the president. Without leaders we wouldn’t have any instruction and all of our lives would be a mess. Milgram’s experiment was very interesting and I found that it applied to the boys in “Lord of the Flies,” because the boys stranded on an island had to form obedience in order to keep their small community safe and calm, although soon enough they lose this obedience. I think they relate to Darley and Lantanes experiment because they all follow one another and they lose control and began doing things they usually wouldn’t do just because one person was doing it. They become wild and lose control on the island because they are not yet mature enough. They tie into both these experiments through leadership, obedience, and how they ignore one another’s problems. Right from the start Ralph…

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