Analysis Of `` Song Of Myself `` By Walt Whitman Essay example

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Walt Whitman is an author that excels in transcendentalism but also engages in American themes in his work. In his writing he describes the world and everything in it as an element of beauty. In his poem “Song of Myself” he essentially tries to “fit” in the universe in his epic. He does not only describe the glory of nature but he also sees the beauty in the relationship people have with nature. Nature is more than animals and greenery, but it is also the intellect. The mind is naturally processing itself and humans can only control a small fraction of that. The brain can pick up senses that allow people to get in touch with nature by sight, touch, taste, and sound. Whitman projects these senses through his poem, especially the senses of sight, touch and sound. His transcendentalism themes relate to the American themes by these factors: Alienation and otherness, the cult of individuality, and the dream of territory/ paradise.
Whitman expresses alienation and otherness in his writing by becoming part of nature and being the observer in all its wholesomeness. In section two of the poem he says, “I will go to the bank by the wood and become undisguised and naked.” When he mentions this solo act he is proposing otherness because he distancing himself from society’s norms. Another example can be found in section four. He talks about his surroundings and events going on at the time, yet they do not define whom he is. Whitman portrays alienation when he states, “These come to me…

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