Analysis Of Song Of Myself By Walt Whitman Essay

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During the Poem “Song of Myself” Walt Whitman examines the complex idea of belonging in society by using sly commentary and symbols alike, while writing with a seemingly egotistical style. This piece was one of the twelve poems from the original collection of “Leaves of Grass” published in 1855, which was shortly before the Civil War started. This was a time of despair for Whitman because he was living in a fractured union. During this piece Whitman used many evocative situations to capture the readers imagination. The piece was written with mid-level diction, yet each line is crammed with significant detail. Whitman describes many issues that belong to society by telling a story about his own struggles with life as well as trying to belong in society. Emily Dickinson also had the desire to belong during the time she was alive. A good example of her feeling isolated from the world can be found throughout her piece “This is my Letter to the World.” During this essay we will further examine Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman’s writings, with a main focal point on the topic of belonging. Whitman uses a vast amount of symbols to convey his ideas and feelings to his audience. The first symbol during “Song of Myself” by Whitman can be found in the first line. Whitman said, “I celebrate myself” Whitman seemed nothing more than arrogant at first glance. Yet if you continue to read throughout the piece you will discover he was celebrating not only himself, but also all of humanity.…

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