Analysis Of Sol Gittleman 's Fresh Off The Boat Assimilation 's Dirty Little Secret

790 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
History has shown to be cyclical, as the struggles of today 's world were the struggles of yesterday 's. When I think of history I visualize a time that is distant, an era long gone with seemingly infinite years from today 's date, but upon consuming any kind of media it becomes apparent that the past is here with us now. Sol Gittleman 's "Fresh off the Boat Assimilation 's Dirty Little Secret" is a work that has significantly shaped my attitude and outlook on the world. In his short analysis of assimilation, he successfully conveys history 's tendency to repeat; this insightful piece of literature shows the US history of human bigotry. His work set a basis for my fundamental views and leads me to question the integrity of institutions such as the government all while building an appreciation for history. Before reading Gittleman 's work I felt apathetic towards history almost as if it was a relic of worthless information. My indifference for history stemmed from the memorization of trivial dates because history is conceptual, and should not be taught as pure memorization. The true use of history is from taking the past as something one could learn from, not trivial data; history is a review of a product before purchasing it, and that is what makes it invaluable. Upon discovering his work, my perspective changed and I viewed history as a powerful platform for rhetoric and reform of all kinds especially civil rights policy. Not more than 62 years ago did the supreme court…

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