Analysis of Sojourner Truth Essay

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“In some cases, campuswide averages have crept up from a C just 10 years to B-plus today” (411). In Brent Staples essay “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s” he makes many issues and arguments on the subject. Many college level institutions are faced with demanding consumers and competition from other universities over grade issues. The colleges have simply started just handing out more and more A’s to their students to better their satisfaction. This action taken by the colleges is having many repercussions on grade inflation and making the value of degrees meaningless worldwide. With this alarming statistic about the campus wide averages and the universities resorting to giving the consumers what they want is creating a terrible …show more content…
Colleges have to give out the grades the students are begging for so they can keep their classes from getting canceled thus saving their own jobs. Again, he is emphasizing that if teachers want to keep their steady jobs they have to motivate the students in some way to stay enrolled in the classes. This strategy seems like just a form of bribery the teachers have to offer to the deceptive students to keep their jobs afloat. Colleges these days have to grade carefully and be aware of the consequences that students do in some form determine their career movements. The consumers, the students and also the parents believe they should get out as much as they put into their college educational life by exercising their right to question and inquire about their grades. “Today, colleges of every stature permit [students] to appeal low grades through deans or permanent boards of inquiry” (411). Unlike high school where you had to accept the grade you received on a paper, on the other hand colleges permit students to present their graded work to a higher power if they believe it was wrongly evaluated. I believe this rule is giving students and parents too much power over the professors who have been through many years of extensive education and know what elements make up a whole hearted A paper. Enforcing this assumption again “the evidence suggests that students and parents are demanding-- and getting-- what they think of as their

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