Analysis Of Socrates 's ' The Soul Is Like The City ' Essay

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Topics For Consideration
According to Socrates, the moral person wins out over the immoral person even though the immoral person takes advantage of the moral person in matters of money and business. This claim is incredibly true. It is true due to the fact that a moral person doesn’t find his/her happiness in matters of money and business. However, the moral person finds his/her happiness in the relationships they build over their lifespan. If you chase material possessions and never experience the true value of giving. Moral people discover true happiness through the spirit of giving. Chasing material possessions in belief that it will bring you happiness is untrue.
Socrates once said “The soul is like the city”. In my view this simile is very agreeable. The city’s soul revolves around the citizens of the city, without citizens, the city does not run fluently. It is the people who eat the famous food, listen to the music, shop at the stores, etc. The same goes for the soul, I believe our soul grows stronger with every person we help. For example, when we give a dollar to a homeless person, that positive impact is what strengths the soul, additionally it makes us a much better human being.
It is said that Hobbes’s egoism cannot be established empirically. To establish something empirically means to view the evidence or to experience it. Ultimately I defend this view because the concept of Egoism can never be viewed from a secondary point of view. Full knowlegde is required…

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