Essay about Analysis Of Sherman Alexie 's ' War Dances '

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Sherman Alexie’s book War Dances is a series of short stories and poems. A collection of soulful, witty, and funny stories and poems. They capture a modern relationship and exceptional change in the pages. They remind us of new beginnings, mistakes, successes, and regrets that fill our life’s on a regular basis. He reminds us deep down what it means to be a human.
In Alexie’s story Breaking and Entering, we see many issues. I’d like to draw your attention to how racial relations are portrayed. In this story a young black teenager named Elder Briggs breaks into a house owned by a man named George Wilson. Wilson a film editor was working on a scene when Briggs breaks into his basement. Wilson swings a little league baseball bat when Briggs charges at him. Later, Wilson gets blamed for killing the young teen because he’s white and the teen was black. This still happens in today’s society, where people blame others for doing things because of race. The protest is the first example of this problem on display. When the young teens mom Althea says “The police don’t care about my son because he’s black. He’s just another black boy killed by a white man. And none of these white men care.” (Alexie 13) The problem Wilson has is the fact that he isn’t white he’s an enrolled member of the Spokane Tribe of Indians. Althea judges him by his appearance and blames the whole white race because her son broke into Wilsons home and got killed in self-defense when in fact it was her sons’ fault…

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