Essay about Analysis Of Shel Silverstein 's The Giving Tree

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Children’s literature plays a pivotal role in enabling children to appreciate the reality of diversity associated with human existence (Jane Smith). Through interacting with the literature, children can empathize with other people’s tribulations and understand the fact that people share universal needs for love, security and even hope. It is essential, however, for children’s literature to have messages that impact positively on children’s developmental processes. Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree tells the story of unconditional love offered by a tree to an individual. The Giving Tree revolves around a boy’s extraordinary dependence on his environment throughout his life. This paper demonstrates that the boy’s overdependence on the tree is an exhibition of dangers associated with selfishness. Furthermore, the paper asserts that the Giving Tree has a devastating implication on the environment mainly because children cannot decipher the text’s underlying meanings.
Summary of the Giving Tree The Giving Tree gives an account of a boy’s close relationship with a certain tree within a forest (Silverstein). The first line of the story suggests that the relationship between the two happened in the past, which signals the fact that something tragic interfered with the two friends’ arrangement. As it turns out, the tree loved the boy unconditionally and proceeded to provide for him with full commitment. Initially, the boy enjoyed playing by climbing and swinging on the tree’s…

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