Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' King Lear ' Essay examples

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In the play, King Lear, the concept of betrayal leads to ultimate despair and the downfall of characters. Multiple forms of betrayal are displayed in the text. These betrayals in the play lead to agony and misfortune. Through these acts, it is shown that betrayal leads to death. The treasonous actions of Goneril and Regan contribute to pushing their father to madness. The confessing of fake love to their father manipulate Lear into believing he has their undecided affection and trust. Lear seems to value a public exhibition of love rather than cheering the actual meaning. This notion clouds the judgement of Lear and places his mind in uncertainty. The supporters of Lear who truly show devotion and compassion for the King are now not recognized by Lear. The advocates of Lear are forced to take a secondary role and no longer seem necessary to the success of his kingdom. The two devious sisters see their fathers misjudgment as a means to further their own personal gain. The sisters recognize that his elderly mind will ultimately lead to their father’s downfall, which is evident when Goneril claims, “you see how full of changes his age is; the observation we have made of it hath [not] been little. He always loved our sister most, and with what poor judgment he hath now cast her off appears too grossly”(Shakespeare 27). The sisters’ belief that Lear has always loved Cordelia more than them only encourages Goneril and Regan to pursue their ultimate conspiracy of pushing their…

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