Essay on Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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Prompt #4: To Be or Not To Be Inaction and action contributes to different perspectives of living life. These two concepts foil with each other to create a self-struggling environment that initiates internal conflict. Shakespeare’s Hamlet emphasizes the turbulence of a strong nation, Denmark, through times of death and suspicion among the main characters. Hamlet, the son of the deceased king, contemplates his role in the future of the kingdom while reconciling his defeatist attitude with motivation to kill his father’s murder, King Claudius. Despite his perseverance in proving his uncle’s treasonous actions, his inaction and action is his tragic flaw and ultimately leads to his self-destruction by thoughts of suicide. His sensitivity creates humanity in his character and depicts a battleground of incomplete ideas. The idea of “to be or not to be” stems from experiences of isolation and destitution that are exemplified by manipulation of diction, imagery, and syntax. Through Hamlet’s attitudes toward Gertrude, King Claudius, and Ophelia, Shakespeare reveals that validity of life is not something that is readily determined but proved through strong morality and identity. Hamlet’s relationship with King Claudius serves as a mental and physical barrier between Hamlet and his identity. Hamlet’s interaction with the ghost of King Hamlet juxtaposes with Claudius’ need to gain power. Although contemplation is a mere delay of events, Hamlet is justified in his diligence to…

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