Analysis Of Se Habla Español

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As long as I can remember my accent always played a role in my life. There have been moments of uncertainty, discouragement, annoyance, and lastly pride. Throughout each emotional step I’ve learn acceptance and responsibility of what defines me as a woman who happens to be a Latina. In Tanya Barrientos “Se Habla Español” she defines what resonates within me “Without having to offer apologies or show remorse. If it will help, I will go first. Aqui estoy. Spanish-challenged and pura Latina (45). She beautifully states the acceptance that too many find difficulty fitting in. Especially in a world that will defined you not only by your looks, but as well as the way you speak.
Born in the state of California to two Mexican parents, my primary
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In High School my class assignments and homework reflected the learning of English as a second language. It was a fearful day when turning assignments meant they would be returning in red ink with circles and crossed out over words. Thus, several hours a day were spent sitting in front of a mirror practicing my pronunciation. Even rehearsing what was to be communicated with friends, professors. The dictionary became my best friend, but the grammar was severely affected. These were all my attempts in eliminating an accent that at this time had no association to me of my heritage. Rather an annoying and humiliating way of speaking and even …show more content…
The more association with the world around me; the realization became clearer that there was judgment for the exchange of my unique dialogue that carry an accent. At age twenty-three this became more apparent a specific moment was captured in my mind when I purchase my first vehicle, a grey Dodge Durango. Sitting in the finance office of the dealership with an exchange in conversation with the finance personnel. It became obvious that she was noticing my accent. She asked the normal questions, Date of Birth, Phone number to be reached at, Name of the company you work for etc. This question stop being asked to me rather they were related to my husband who sat next to me. Turning to my husband Alex I asked. Can you understand what I’m replying back to her? Yes, he said. She turns to me and said: “Oh I wasn’t sure how long you been in the country?” Excuse me? I repeated to her, I was born here. “No, not where you live, but where are you from.” she asked. I’m sorry I don’t understand, I’m telling you I was born in the State of California in the city of Huntington Park. I understand you well enough to answer you back. Why are you assuming that I’m not from here? “I’m sorry, I assume due to your accent” she replied and then explain further. “If you were raised here don’t you think you could adapt to the language by now?” Leaving the

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