Essay on Analysis Of Scott Mccloud 's ' Show & Tell '

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Foundation Before Density

In Scott McCloud’s graphic essay, “Show & Tell”, McCloud uses an appreciable combination of words and images interchangeably to convey clear and comprehensible thoughts, He establishes better, more understood, literature by depicting images directly alongside pieces of text. Evidently, pictures are an associative mechanism that enables newcomer and experienced readers to make visual connections to text they normally would not conclude to by only analyzing and interpreting words (McCloud). Moreover, aside from images allowing readers to make connections, illustrations are particularly crucial components in literary works because they can convey coherent messages all on their own. In all, visual depictions in literature are becoming underappreciated and undervalued although they are a building block necessity to the literary skills many of us posses today.
Some people believe that picture books are not as important as dense readings in literature. For instance, parents are concerned that their kids are not learning reading and writing skills at a quick enough pace, thus causing their students to fall behind. According to the New York Times, an American daily newspaper, “Parents have begun pressing their kindergarteners and first graders to leave the picture book behind and move on to more text­heavy chapter books” (Bosman). This quote directs immediate attention to how reading is highlighted for the extremities of its academic purposes. Nowadays,…

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