Analysis Of Sappho 's Poetry From The Way She Describes Love And The Pain That Goes Along With It

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Over this past semester, I have accumulated various information that I will carry with me through life, and others I will end up forgetting. To summarize my knowledge from these past few months, I have compiled that honor is always essential, power can be exercised in many different ways, and it is always better to know your worthiness in order to express it. In some works, it was easier to distinguish the theme behind them, but it was also difficult to find deep life lesson that I could carry over into my everyday life. I found substantial lessons in Sappho’s poetry from the way she describes love and the pain that goes along with it. In relation, Aristotle’s Physics discuss how everyone comes to be for a purpose, and that humanity is balanced by causes and principles. Collectively, Aristotle and Sappho suggest that once the purpose of one’s life is established, it becomes simpler to find an absolute love. Love can be easily understood, but hard to define. Throughout Sappho’s poetry, she expresses absolutely heart-wrenching stanzas about how desperately she needs love, and how she can never go on until her lover is with her once more: “my sweet mother, please, I can’t weave any longer – a youth’s desire overwhelms me, the work of tender Aphrodite” (Sappho 102). She is a hopeless romantic who does not believe she could survive if she does not have love because it is the only thing she knows. Everyone, at one time, thinks they have been in love. Unfortunately, love is not…

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