Essay on Analysis Of Sandra Cisneros 's Woman Hollering Creek

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Born in a family of Mexican immigrants, Sandra Cisneros discovers her niche in the American literature by writing from her experience as an immigrant growing at the confluence of two cultures. Until her teenager years, Cisneros’ family moves back and forth from Chicago to Mexico, making her feel not integrated in either culture. As Robin Ganz declares, Cisneros “derived inspiration from her cultural specificity and found her voice in the dingy rooms of her house on Mango Street, on the cruel but comfortable streets of the barrio, and in the smooth and dangerous curves of borderland arroyos” (1). In her short story, “Woman Hollering Creek”, Cisneros describes the life of a Mexican woman, Cleofilas that marries a man from “el otro lado” in the hope of finding the great love of her life (Cisneros 219). Instead of living that love and passion she sees in telenovelas, her life turns to be nothing but isolation, abuse, and sadness. She has to meet Felice and Graciela, two powerful women models, in order to find the strength of leaving her past and moving forward for a life of freedom. In “Woman Hollering Creek” the creek itself, the names of the characters, and the borderline between Mexico and the United States symbolize the message that women can surpass the constricting gender role learned in the own culture and redefine their model of femininity.
The Woman Hollering Creek that runs behind Cleofilas new house plays a symbolic role through the whole story, marking the evolution…

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