Analysis Of S. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

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Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore: Books vs. Technology Each person has a different way of doing things and how they choose to approach certain situations. Depending on the age group - young or old - people tend to be biased on their belief and think it is the best way. In Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, there is an ongoing conflict between old knowledge and new knowledge. The younger generation believes in new knowledge, where technology is the main source of many different activities . The older generation believes that reading books one by one is the best way of learning. Both the younger and older generation demonstrates a stubborn personality, as they refuse to acknowledge technology, or books. This leads to the characters being dependent
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She predicts a successful result, which leads to a bigger disappointment. This is important because it demonstrates how the younger generation assume that everything is on the internet and rely on it for everyday needs, which leaves no room for any learning. Kat does not make any changes as the story continues, as she ignores the incident and immerses herself in more work. She does not really learn from her mistake but continues on to work with technology, still not understanding the importance of books or in other words, the importance of old knowledge. Moreover, there are also some faults present in characters who only recognizes old knowledge. Just like the believers of new knowledge, the characters who are on the side of old knowledge only believe that books hold the answer to everything. They portray a stubborn personality as they refuse to recognize the importance of technology. As the traditional way of learning is by reading books, the older generation refrain from any change and stick to what they know. Corvina’s character best displays this.. As the First Reader of the Unbroken Spine, the organization is …show more content…
However, even though most of the characters chooses one side over the other, there are some characters left who not only accepts both types, but this allows them to learn and develop as a character. It also makes them more reliable as they are able to see things with a different point of view. They are able to think creatively of a solution and are able to complete a puzzle. When a character accepts both old and new knowledge, they are capable of seeking a different approach to a problem, and can use different sources to create a solution. Mr. Penumbra portrays these characteristics because he is from an older generation, but is open to the use of technology. His purpose however is to propose the idea of technology to Corvina, the First Reader of the Unbroken Spine. Before he goes into the building, he explains to Clay that, “‘They hold the key for us. I have suspected it for a long time, but never really had proof that they would be a boon to our work. You have provided it! If computers can help you solve the Founder’s Puzzle, they can do much more for that fellowship… I have come prepared to tell the first Reader that we must make use of them, we must!’” (130). This quote supports the argument that embracing both old and new knowledge is ideal because the characters are adaptable and can work in old and new environments. Despite Mr. Penumbra’s age, he is open to technology and is willing to learn more

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