Analysis Of Robert Mapplethorpe And Adam Elmakias

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Two photographers that have influenced my artistic style are Robert Mapplethorpe and Adam Elmakias.

Robert Mapplethorpe was a controversial photographer in the 1980’s. He mainly shot still life and portraits as well as some documentary style shots of the underground S&M scene. I like his work because of how controversial it is. He created things that weren’t the ‘norm’, they were new and exciting. All of his work was shot in black and white. His early work was shot using Polaroid’s before he moved on to using a Hasselblad medium format camera. At the time his work was highly provocative. His repertoire of work included many nude models and scenes of a homosexual nature. All of this was rather shocking to the general public.

Adam Elmakias is a music and portrait photographer in the alternative scene. He shoots both candid and studio portraits, mainly in black and white. His style is very much high contrast, low aperture shots. I like his work because they portray lots of emotion. All of his portraits seem to show the
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Many of his portraits are shot against a black backdrop with subtle lighting. Most of his portraits are shot from the chest up and rarely does he shoot a full body portrait. Mapplethorpe varies the position of his subject in each shot, either to the left of the frame or in the centre. The images with the subject in the centre are a lot bolder as your eyes are immediately drawn there.

Adam Elmakias uses similar compositional elements to Mapplethorpe, however, his images are a lot brighter. He uses varied backdrops depending on the location. Some shots are in front of a white backdrop yet others are in front of busy backgrounds such as on stage or in a trailer. This creates two very different themes. Some are simplistic and straight to the point whereas others are more candid and unplanned. One thing that stays the same though is the high contrast and shallow depth of

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