Analysis Of Robert Frost 's Poem My Butterfly Essay

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Robert Lee Frost as he was popularly known was a poet and playwright of American origin born on March 26th 1874. He is regarded highly for his command of American colloquial speech that gave a realistic tangible description of rural life. He was a popular and frequently quoted poet who was honored severally throughout his lifetime. He received four Pulitzer prizes for his poetry. This essay is going to take an in-depth look into Robert Frost’s Biography, poetic work, his dominant topics and themes while at the same time analyzing his involvement in literary movements. The paper will also address pieces of literary criticism related to Robert Frost in an attempt to give critical views of his contribution to literary genres of our time.
Frost lived in south California until his journalist father died in 1885, when they moved to Massachusetts under patronage of his grandfather. He grew up in the city but later came to associate with the rural life. He wrote his first poem “My Butterfly: an Elegy” which was published in the Independent of 1894. In the beginning of 1900 and the following years, Frost had a fruitful writing life but very difficult personal life with one of his children suffering from mental illness and the other dying of cholera. At the same time his farming ventures at New Hampshire were proving unsuccessful leading to him moving to England in search of better publishing prospects only to return to the U.S after World War 1. Despite these challenges of family and…

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